The One Bag That Transforms Into What You Need

The UNDFND One Bag looks like a designer messenger bag, but is far more dynamic and modular than you'd expect. The majority of the bag is modifiable, allowing you to transform it into the bag you need right now, rather than switching your gear in and out of a variety of different containers.

The One Bag is made of water-resistant neoprene and features several modifiable parts. Most notable is the front cover. It contains its own storage compartment and is completely removable, so you can store different items in different covers and simply swap them out when you need to change your bag's inventory. By default, the One Bag operates as a standard laptop bag, but with an insert you can turn it into a three-lens camera bag. There is also a waist shooter bag that you can use to carry additional lenses. It'll clip on to your belt, or you can use a strap to sling it over your shoulder. This back features exchangeable front covers as well. The covers come in multiple styles, so you don't have to switch them out for utilitarian purposes. If you get bored with one look, you can simply change to another.

However you decide to assemble it, the One Bag is very comfortable to wear. The padded strap makes the weight feel more gentle on your shoulder balances the bag well on your hip. Exchanging covers and inserts is very simply. It's handled by velcro, which seems like it wouldn't be terribly sturdy, but it because the seal is made on both sides and tucked into the bag it holds just as well as if it were sewn in.

The only thing I found to be problematic is that the bottom of the photography insert has no bottom. This was intentional, in order to keep the insert's spatial requirements to a minimum, but I think that even a thin layer of fabric at the bottom would be nice just to make it easier to remove all the contents in one simple lift. That aside, the One Bag is very versatile, stylish, and comfortable. If it doesn't suit your needs one day, you can simply change it so it does.



    and it still suffers from exactly the same problem as most laptop bags. As soon as you put things in the front pocket it balloons out into a horrible lump.....and I sure as hell am not putting my expensive camera lenses into a bag that puts all the weight onto the mount like that and won't stand up by itself. Every time you put it down it will fall over....again, not good.

    I was expecting some origami action :\

    Take a look at Lowepro Compu Rover AW for versatile bag.

    Sure it is bigger and back-mounted bag - but it is much more versatile than this bag. It can store your big laptop, needless to say up to 17 or 18 inch screen, IN THE SAME TIME - you can carry camera with lens attached (unlike this 'One Bag'), and at least 2 additional lenses, AND a flash unit. Plenty of additional rooms and sockets for battery and CF cards and pens (doooh). Aaand IN THE SAME TIME - you can still carry clothes and battery charger, or anything else on top of the camera compartments.

    Need to say that AW at the end of model name is for All Weather? This basically means dust and rain proof.

      i fell in love with the bag when i noticed the covers changing and switching. Its the smaller things that seal the package.

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