The Indoor-Outdoor No-Columns Workspace

When contractor services company Entity Solutions had to move its headquarters in Melbourne last year, it was keen to retain some of the benefits of its old space, including access to an outdoor area and plenty of collaborative areas. Its newly-fitted out premises take advantage of a no-columns floor to create an open working environment, with one-third of the floorspace dedicated to breakout areas and plenty of plants to create a greener atmosphere.

We've featured Entity Solutions in the past due to its annual iPro Index which tracks the sentiments of independent contractors. Its office refit suggests that its own permanent staff are also on a pretty good wicket when comes to the working environment.

Notable features of the new office in the Melbourne CBD include a variety of floor fittings to create texture and light; meeting rooms named after the home grounds for the founders' favourite AFL teams; a boardroom and training room with sliding walls which can be opened to create an even larger entertaining area; guest machines for visitors; and a large collaborative working area that's handy for space-consuming activities like assembling printed packages or working on large projects. Oh, and a convertible table for both snooker and table tennis.

Check out the pictures below for more views of the premises, including the Austin Powers-inspired 'Fringe' meeting area and skateboard-inspired seating imported from New York.


    why can't my workplace look like this??

    some nice touches, but i still wouldn't pass up working from home for this. plus open plan kind of sucks imo, too many distractions.

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