The Ghosts In The Sky Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Jeremy Smith shares his simple, straightforward but very good-looking Nine Inch Nails themed Android setup, with just a few transparent widgets and a slim lock screen.Take it away, Jeremy:

This is a Nine Inch Nails themed setup on my HTC Evo running Cyanogenmod with the default ADW Launcher.

On the home screen, we have:

The lock screen contains:

  • Again, a clock made with Minimalistic Text
  • I couldn't find the WidgetLocker slider I used. I tried looking all over and came up with nothing. In the theme preview it's called "Light". Sorry. Ed. Note: If you know where to find this, let us know in the comments!

The wallpapers are the Nine Inch Nails Lights in the Sky 2008 tour poster and the artwork from their album Ghosts I-IV.

The font is the Resea font, which you can grab here.



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