The Black Shaded Desktop

The Black Shaded Desktop

A lot of the featured desktops we highlight have widgets and tools designed to help you get right to the information you want quickly. Flickr user Tejaswi Rohit decided that simple colours and minimalism was the way he’d rather go, and a few large items on his desktop were preferable to a lot of widgets. The result is a simple and clean desktop with few distractions.

If you’d like the same look on your Mac, here’s what you’ll need:

  • The Gaia View wallpaper by hellishere-12 at DeviantArt
  • GeekTool for the time and date on the desktop
  • Mirage for the 2D, transparent dock (make sure to download from the mirror, or head to Softpedia to download and use one of their mirrors)
  • Candybar from Panic Software for to customise the dock, including the icons and the active app indicators below them
  • The Shades of Grey desktop theme for Snow Leopard (Lion users and anyone who doesn’t want to download a whole skin pack can get a similar effect with Nocturne to dim the menubar and windows)

If you’re not familiar with GeekTool and need a hand getting the time and date on your desktop the way it’s shown above, head over to our guide to building an attractive and infromative HUD with GeekTool to get started. Alternatively, if you’re having trouble with the components, head on over to Tejaswi’s Flickr page, pay him a compliment, and ask how he got everything just right.

If you’re a Windows or Linux user, you should be able to get the same effect with Rainmeter or Conky (respectively) to recreate the scene in your OS of choice.

Minimal Black Shade [Flickr]


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