Store Spaghetti In Pringles Cans

If you buy spaghetti, linguine or other long pastas in bulk it can be difficult to find a good way to store the excess once you open the large package. Tall thin Pringles-brand potato chip cans excel at this use.

How To Life Guide recommends using the processed potato chip can to keep a lid on your excess pasta. Rinse out an empty can and allow it to dry. Be careful not to let water sit in the can — the interior of the can has a thin aluminium coating which should repel water and allow you to quickly rinse out crumbs, but leaving water inside the can for more than a minute is inviting the water to find a leak and compromise the rest of the cardboard tube.

11 Storage and Container Pro Tips [How To Life Guide via Reddit]


    what's wrong with a nice glass pasta holder?

      Nothing wrong with the glass pasta holders, but this a free option if you already had a tube of Pringles and no pasta holder.

    Why do they have to be Pringle branded? I prefer the aldi equivalent can I use those?

    From personal experience during my wild student days, the Pringles (or equivalent) box is too short for pasta. Unless you like breaking it in half, a cheap pasta storage from the $$ shop is a much better option.

      Yeah my pasta sticks out about 1cm which is so annoying!

    The Pringles can is great for storing left over cracker biscuits, just the right diameter.

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