StartNinja Silences Your Mac’s Startup Sound With The Flip Of A Switch

StartNinja Silences Your Mac’s Startup Sound With The Flip Of A Switch

Mac: We’ve discussed how to make your Mac boot up silently before, but it’s a long, drawn-out process. Free app StartNinja will silence your startup chime with just one click.It couldn’t be any simpler to use. If you want your Mac to stop chiming when you boot it up, open StartNinja and set the switch to “off”. If you want to turn the startup chime back on, switch it to “on”. That’s it. Pretty easy, huh?

StartNinja is a free download for Mac OS X Lion only. Note that it doesn’t seem to work on iMacs, and it won’t work if you have headphones or speakers plugged in — but it still solves the popular “oops, my laptop is making sounds in the middle of class” problem.

StartNinja [via Cult of Mac]


    • Having to eject USB drives is not exclusive to Mac OS. It’s common practice to do so for Windows and Linux, too, it’s just that Mac OS feels the need to throw a warning box up on the screen. Which is fine, really. Because unlike people on here, most users of EITHER Windows or Mac OS are likely unable to ensure that a device isn’t reading or writing and hence unable to ensure it doesn’t get corrupted without ejecting.

      If you know what you’re doing and the message doesn’t pertain to you, just tap enter/return and go ahead with your day.

      I do agree that the Starting Chime hasn’t been implemented in the best way possible. In theory, it’s a very good idea. It’s equivalent to the BIOS beep from many desktop motherboards and business notebooks, so it lets you know all is okay (moreover, you know what’s happening if it doesn’t chime). That said, it desperately needs to be a little less jarring and the volume should be regulated.

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