Sony Lending Trial 3D Cameras To TV Owners

Own a 3D-capable TV? Sony will let you borrow a 3D camera from one of its Sony Centre stores for three days to decide if you're keen on creating your own 3D content.

The deal applies to any brand of TV, not just Sony's own Bravia range. Gear offered through the program includes the HDR-T10 camcorder, the Alpha NEX C3 camera, the Cyber-shot WX7S and the 3D Bloggie. Newer models will be added to the 3D Library scheme over time.

There are only 12 Sony Centre stores in Australia, but if you're keen to test out a camera, this is a pretty risk-free way of doing it. Obviously Sony is hoping you'll buy at the end, but if you have an urge to shoot your sister's wedding in 3D, this could be one way of doing it.



    That's really dang cool. One of the principal tools of sales is the demonstration and this is a cool way to extend that past the shop floor.

    Hopefully it's a trial program that is a success, so they'll start loaning out NEX-5s and PS Vitas!

    I wonder how many genitals the store owners will need to delete off these?

      I'm tempted to go to the Sony store to borrow a camera in the hopes to find exactly that.

      (FYI I'm not the parent, just another Blake - maybe I need a new screen name on here)

    I wonder if they'll include the HMZ-T1 at any point in this offer.

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