Soak Onions In Water To Prevent Tears

Say goodbye to the agony that comes with cutting onions. A quick soak in water is all that you might need to eliminate tears and as an added bonus you might get better onion flavour out of them, according to food blog The Kitchn.

Just cut the ends off and peel the onion before giving it a little soak.

You can also try tongue tricks or wearing onion goggles to keep onion-induced tears at bay.

Tip: Soak Onions in Water to Reduce Tears [The Kitchn]


    I've done this before, but i often cant be bothered as i am cutting them up 20seconds before i want them in the pan.

    An old trick mum taught me - simply put the onion in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight will stop all tears.

      I used to have to cut up 20kg bags of things. Just get a plastic tray, fill it up, and cut them underwater.

    I've found that wearing contact lens (if you're already wearing them) also helps prevent tears.

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