Sign Up For Daily Deals When You Plan A Holiday

If you're using a daily deals website like Groupon or Spreets, reddit user heycheero has a clever suggestion to make use of those deals while you're on holiday: start a new account in your destination when you make your travel arrangements.As well as letting you save money on meals and attractions, the deals will also clue you in to options you might not be aware of. Signing up at the same time you book your tickets means you'll have time to pick through some deals and plan your budget accordingly.

It's not necessarily going to drastically reduce your holiday bill, but it will provide a better idea of what you'll be spending when you're there. Just make sure to read the fine print on the deals you purchase to make sure they apply on the dates you're away.

Going on vacation? Join a site like Groupon for that city a few months in advance to save loads on attractions/outings [reddit]


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