Search Google Images Using Drag And Drop

A simple but very useful shortcut: if you're looking at a set of Google Image search results, you can drag any image from the results to the area near the search box to make it the new subject of a search.

As Google Operating System points out, you can hover over any image in a set of results and access either similar images or other sizes, but the dragging option gives you both at once. The feature works fine in Chrome and Firefox, but didn't function for me in IE.

Find More About a Google Image Search Result [Google Operating System]


    This has been available for a long time. Not newsworthy.

    Shut up, Greg. Some of us have been using Tineye to get less reliable results because we didn't know you could do this. Lifehacker isn't for news, it's for telling people shortcuts they might not know about. Bugger off to ninemsn.

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