Repurpose A Knife Holder To Organise Office Supplies And Notes

We've discussed how magnetic knife holders can be useful outside of the kitchen, most specifically in the garage to organise bits and bolts. If you do your work in an office instead of at a workbench, you can use a magnetic knife strip above your desk as well to hold scissors, paper clips, and even paper notes with a magnet or paper clip to keep the note in place.

The premise is simple — just mount the knife holder over your desk or on a wall in your home office where you'd like your scissors and notes to hang, preferably somewhere in reach. Grab a set of small magnets or paper clips that will stick to the knife holder, and just start organising. When you're finished, you'll have an easy, in-reach organiser for notes, paper clips and other small tools.

Magnetic Knife Holder for your Office [PhYnformatik]


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