Remove Stuck-On Rice From Your Pot

When you overcook your rice and the bottom of the pan is covered with burnt grains, soaking it in water doesn't achieve much. Culinary weblog instead suggests pouring a small dab of dishwashing soap, a little bit of white vinegar, about a cup of water, and bringing that to a boil.

After boiling for a minute or so the stuck-on rice will pour out easily.

CHOW Tip: How to Clean Up Dried-on Rice []


    Just soaking it in water for an hour works for me...?

    Same goes for me too, soaking in water does the trick. Rice is starch - starch dissolves in water! Even when burnt!
    Detergent is a De-greaser, vinegar contains ascetic acid - solvent.
    Geez, some of these food hacks are really a waste of time and resources!

    I looked at the "Cooking perfect rice" clip, Good practical tip, but no mention of quantities! So if you add too much water, you still end up with glue!

    Never had a problem with soaking either. It'd have to be some very seriously burnt rice for it to require this (unless you don't have an hour to wait for the rice to soak).

    Normally, I'd soak it in water overnight, but when you need to use the pot again straight away, this is ideal!!

    I eat those burnt rice. Golden crusts are the best :)

      Thanks for the vinegar tip from Chow. I had a seriously burnt and encrusted pot having mistakenly turned to gas UP full, instead of turning it off! Soaking for days did nothing, but the vinegar and soap method did the job brilliantly.

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