Read The Manual Before Making Big Purchases

Have you ever purchased a big appliance only to realise it's not compatible with your home, or you can't perform repairs on it without calling in an expert? Gadget blog Cool Tools has a simple solution: read the manual before you make the purchase.

Image: John Bäckstrand.

This is especially handy if you're purchasing a big appliance, but it's just as applicable to smaller gadgets, software, or furniture. If you're shopping online you often don't get all the details about the types of input a device accepts, the building steps, or the installation procedures. Checking out the manual ahead of time ensures you'll be able to handle installation yourself and it will work in your home. Many manufacturers keep their manuals online, but if you can't find one, Manual Stock and Safe Manuals both have a large collection of scanned manuals.

User Manual First [Cool Tools]


    I do this all the time, even for little things. Another benefit is it gives you something to occupy the mind in the days/week between ordering online, and delivery. And when you finally do get to have-and-hold your shiny new gadget, you will know exactly how it all works and hit the ground running.

    The other killer tip is to then SAVE these .pdf manuals to your Evernote or web-mail, so you can quickly search for and access them anytime, anywhere in the future.

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