Put Your MP3 In The Sink For A Free Amplifier

Showering with music in the background is always a great way to get yourself moving in the morning, but not everyone can afford to have a stereo set up in the bathroom for it. Reddit user homedoggieo offers the clever solution of placing your player in the sink to boost the volume.

Your MP3 player needs built-in speakers for this to work, but if you use a smartphone it works surprisingly well. Trying it out this morning, my music went from barely audible sitting on a counter to loud enough to sing along to and annoy my neighbours. It won't replace a dedicated set of speakers, but if you don't have the room or the power outlets, it works in a pinch.

Put your MP3 player in the sink to use it as an amplifier while in the shower [Reddit]


    If your going to follow this tip, just make sure you dont:
    1) Put it in the sink when its full of water (duh!)
    2) Under a leaky tap
    3) Forget its there and turn the tap on (which you may do if your going to shave or something after the shower)
    4) Have an exceptionally steamy shower as you'll get condensation on the relatively cold sink

      I'd go further than that and say dry the sink out properly so you don't accidentally trigger over zealous moisture sensors.

    Whoops, you left out the word "player" in the title.

      nah, he's talking about the mp3 sink. It's a very specific kind of bit bucket.

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