Planhacker: Who Has The Best PlayStation Vita Deal?

Planhacker: Who Has The Best PlayStation Vita Deal?

Sony’s next-generation handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Vita, goes on sale next Thursday (February 23). But who is offering the cheapest pre-order deals? Planhacker has crunched the numbers and found there’s not much in the way of discounting going on.

In large part, that’s because, as our colleagues over at Kotaku reported yesterday, the device is being effectively ignored by major chains. Big W, Kmart and Target will not be stocking it. That means less pressure to offer a cheap price amongst the specialist gaming retailers who are selling it.

If you want the 3G-equipped version with a SIM card from Vodafone, there’s essentially no choice price-wise. As we’ve noted earlier, you can either pay $419 up-front for a prepaid version, including 200MB of data with a 30-day expiry, or pay $55 a month for a 12-month contract with 1.5GB of data a month. That adds up to a total of $660. If you aren’t in a good Vodafone reception area, that’s a fairly unappealing deal

If you want the Wi-Fi model (which seems likely to be more popular), the official RRP is $349.95. Most retailers are rounding that down to $348, offering free delivery and not much else:

  • JB Hi-Fi has the Wi-Fi model for $348, including a starter pack with a console case, game case, screen protector, cleaning cloth and wrist protector. Free delivery.
  • Game is only offering pre-orders on the 3G model for $419.95, but is including a copy of Ridge Racer. Free delivery, but if you order online, the SIM isn’t shipped; you have to pick it up at a store.
  • Dick Smith has the Wi-Fi model for $349, and the 3G version for $419. It also offers a free download of Wipeout 2048, but only after you recharge the SIM. Free delivery for both.
  • EB Games is selling the console for $348. It also has the 3G version for $418. Free delivery for both.
  • Harvey Norman matches that, with Wi-Fi at $348 and 3G at $418. Free delivery for both.

Given that effective lack of competition, supporting a retailer you like (or the one that’s nearest) seems as sensible a choice as any. JB is the only substantive bonus offer, but a cheap case is not uber-compelling. If you want the 3G model, Game’s free Ridge Racer is the best bonus.

Spotted another good Vita deal? Tell us in the comments. (Note we haven’t covered importing the Vita from overseas, largely because I figure anyone that keen on the device will have done so already and wouldn’t have had price as a key consideration.)

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    • Only because the 3DS had an absolute terrible launch and Nintendo were forced to slash the price in a desperate attempt to breath life into it. Btw, I hate both Sony and Nintendo.

    • They were Carey but i checked this morning and that offer has reached allocation. It was a sony deal to all retailers that took preorders however you will find most retailers have hit allocations

    • Nintendo has the luxury of reducing the console price because they released a cheap plastic product with low-end internals.

      The PSVita no doubt is a more premium product that will never be priced at the same price as the 3DS. The 3DS internals is even weaker than the PSP, while the PSVita is well over 10 times more powerful than the PSP. I’m not saying its a better console, but it restricts Sony’s ability to compete on price.

      This is the strategy of both devices and it was the same in the first generation. Sony will try to get the older “core” gamer and use the latest technology that is poorly optimsied to begin with, while Nintendo will make their console very accessible by using hardware that is already optimized. Focus on gameplay instead spending time on optimising the compiler.

  • $280 AUD for the 3G version from Amazon, including an 8GB memory card, you just need to use a shipping forwarder. Still comes out cheaper than the Wifi-only model in Australia, plus you get a memory card.

  • $250 at EB Games when you trade in a iPod touch. And then if you have the carrot card thing you get more value for the iPod i got for $290 with a 8GB memory card and the bonus headphones.

  • i luckily got mine on in the early days last year. i was lucky and was able to buy one from them although now they no longer deliver to oz.. i only paid $263US including delivery and in oz$ that even cheaper. I was surprised to see amazon stop overseas delivery so i was really lucky.. i received an email last night telling me it was on its way and the tracking tells me its at the depot in the US .. i can’t wait to get it.. its looks amazing. I cannot understand why the prices here in OZ are so high in comparison to the US. typical price hikes for us down under…sony needs to stop price gouging in Australia as $249USD plus 10% get is not the same as $349Aus >in fact the dollar is so high we should really be getting it at the same price ..

  • Sony Centre are giving a bonus game with either model. Choice of Reality Fighters, Mod Nation Racers or Little Deviants. Pricing s same as everywhere else.

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