Pepper Your Resume With Keywords To Help Beat The Screeners

Submitting your resume to an online job posting is often more about hitting a perfect balance of keywords than it is about your true work experience. To beat the screeners, the Wall Street Journal suggests a quick scan of a company's website so you can add in keywords that fit in with its corporate culture.

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As we've mentioned before, automated resume screeners score your resume based on keywords. These are usually based on the job description, but they can also look to see if you'd fit in at a company on a cultural level. The Wall Street Journal outlines how you should approach this:

Visit the prospective employer's website to get a sense of the corporate culture. Do they use certain words to describe their values? If a firm has a professed interest in environmental sustainability, include relevant volunteer work or memberships on your résumé. The company may have programmed related keywords into its resume screening software.

Combined with tailoring your resume directly to a job, this can help your resume skip through the robots and land in the hand of a real person.

Your Résumé vs. Oblivion [Wall Street Journal]


    A list of words would have been good.....

    There would be no "list of words" to give, because the words needed would vary depending on the job you are applying for, wouldn't be that hard to work out

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        Well at least you figured it out the second time around ey?

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