Online Dating Without The Hassle

The Valentine's Day frenzy is over for another year. If you're single, you may be tempted / pressured / anxious to get back into the dating scene as a result. Online dating is the obvious solution, but how can you avoid the rip-offs and the weirdos?Picture by Kate Ter Haar

Consumer research and advocacy group Choice has conducted an in-depth investigation into the main players in the Australian online dating scene, highlighting the pros and cons of each service. The review notes that signing up to a service often involves consenting to have your photos and other information used in advertising and marketing. That's worth bearing in mind, but for many people online dating has proved successful. Hit the link for the full round-up, and feel free to share your own experiences in the comments.

Online dating [Choice]


    Why does the two hands look like two male hands :-)

    Haha good pick up!

    No it doesn't but .... Doesn't it sound like reddit

    After going through their whole initial profile process, eHarmony gave me a "we can't find anybody for you" message (i.e., you're doo much of a freak, get lost).

    Have tried RSVP, but got sick of not getting a response after paying for a stamp. Not that I blame the women - no doubt they'd be getting dozens of messages weekly - but why spend the cash when the results are no better than the free alternatives?

    OasisActive was OK, but being straight I wasn't too keen on how many gay/bi dudes kept messaging me. Still, it's free so I keep my profile active.

    OKCupid has been the best for me. Getting a second date is a pretty big deal, and a third date is literally unheard of so maybe my standards are low. But in any case OKC has been the best for me.

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