Officeworks Should Honour Cheap Chairs Deal

There's just been a rush on online purchases of chairs at Officeworks, where a listing error meant many models were priced at under $10. All the discount chairs are now listed as "out of stock", but previous experience suggests that Officeworks will probably honour the deal for anyone who ordered while they were in stock. New orders, I imagine, will get a "sorry, we stuffed up" email. [via OzBargain]


    As I understand it (in victoria, anyway) as long as Officeworks refunds you the $0.72 they paid you you aren't entitled to get the chair at the advertised price. They can change it to the correct price and everyone needs to shell out for the more expensive price. This is clearly a typo mistake (they obviously didn't put extra zeros on the end for decimal cents), so it wouldn't count as bait or deceptive advertising. The transaction of 'offer' and 'acceptance' happens when the consumer 'offers' to take the goods at the price advertised by the seller, and the seller 'accepts' that offer. So officeworks don't have to 'accept' the offer of $0.72.

    tl;dr Officeworks doesn't have to give you anything. One cent tissues are a little different to 72 cent office chairs. As long as they refund those payments that have already been made, they're entitled to reprice the chairs.

      They don't have to, but in the past OfficeWorks have honoured deals that they stuffed up the listing price of. OfficeWorks is also the only retailer that I know of that will go below cost to match a competitors price every time (sometimes other retailers do, but that might be a sales person stuffed up and didn't check cost price mistake)

      The consumer laws are the same nationwide now...

    Holy crap, my OzBargain post made it to Lifehacker.

    At the time of writing the post my screen told me that the chairs were in stock, but after I published the deal, My paypal payment bounced me back to the Officeworks page to say that back orders weren't available. It's very annoying, surely it can't be that hard to write that it is out of stock before people go through checkout.

    A similar thing happened with Beer from the Supermarket ASDA in England a while back.
    ASDA had to deliver the goods because the fault was at their end.
    People ended up getting hundreds of dollars worth of beer for a few dollars.

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