Maximise Kitchen Drawer Space By Storing Utensils Diagonally

Long kitchen utensils and gadgets take up a lot of space. Store them more efficiently and free up some room in your kitchen drawers by creating cheap diagonal inserts out of wood.

Instead of buying the pricey $US75 insert from Master Brands and Diamond Cabinets shown above, The Kitchn suggests making your own from thin pieces of wood and attaching with E-6000 glue found at your local craft store. Now your extra-long utensils can be out of sight, neatly organised and not so cramped.

Make the Most of Kitchen Drawers by organising Diagonally [The Kitchn]


    Yeah but who has those few utensils in they utensil drawers?
    We even spread out our utensils over two drawers.

    There really needs to be pictures for ideas like these. How does storing things diagonally equate to being able to squeeze more things into storage! I'd think the corners would end up under utilised then!

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