Make Your Own Screen Protector

Make Your Own Screen Protector

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Watch the video above for a quick look at how this is done. Here are the steps for reference:

  1. Buy the thinnest adhesive vinyl you can get at a fabric store and have them cut you a piece.
  2. Clean your device so there’s no dust or dirt on it.
  3. Cut out a rectangle that’s the size of your device, strip off the paper backing, and apply the adhesive vinyl to you device. Throughout the process, be sure to keep pushing out any air bubbles that surface.
  4. Use an Xacto Knife to cut off the excess vinyl. Be gentle because you do not want to damage your phone.
  5. Cut off the vinyl covering where it covers your speakers, camera, and other unwanted areas. Remember, you do not need to press very hard to cut it off.
  6. Push out any remaining air bubbles with a credit card.

That’s it. I recently did this with my Android tablet and it only took a few minutes. Cutting out circles for the camera can be a little tough with an Xacto Knife, however, as it’s imprecise, so I made a hole in the vinyl with a single-hole puncher instead. It was just a little large, but that was fine as it made it much easier to line up the covering.

How to make a CHEAP Screen Protector (shield) [Household Hacker on Youtube]


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