Longform iPad App Collects The Internet's Best Writing

Longform has long been an invaluable resource to everyone who is overwhelmed by all the good stuff there is to read. Longform's new iPad app packages the website's curated blend of old and new non-fiction writing into a mobile-ready interface.

The Longform app will be familiar to anyone who uses Instapaper to manage their addiction to words. The app automatically downloads Longform-approved articles from 25 established fountains of great writing like The New Yorker and GQ. The simple interface is ideal for reading and you can customise the font and margins to suit your preferences. The app also allows you to bookmark articles directly to Read It Later and Instapaper, and to share them to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The app doesn't do much we haven't seen in other apps before, and the integration with bookmarking apps that already exist is weird considering that Longform theoretically wants you to use its app and not another. Apparently, new article discovery features are on the way. Hopefully, they will justify paying $5.49 for the app.

iTunes [via The Verge]


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