KFC Streetwise Feast Is A Meal For Five

KFC Streetwise Feast Is A Meal For Five

One of the more recent items to appear on the menu at KFC is the Streetwise Feast, a $19.95 box of chicken and chips designed to provide a budget-minded meal for sharing. If you don’t want to end up obese, you need to share this combo with at least four other people.The Streetwise Feast includes six pieces of fried chicken, six nuggets, three crispy strips, two large serves of chips and two sauces. KFC doesn’t provide nutritional data on the sauces (which are probably neglible), but it does for everything else. Adding up the totals gets you a fairly hefty 13068 kilojoules, with 173 grams of fat and 5660mg of sodium.

When I did the Mastercheap challenge back in 2010, sensible nutritional goals for me were 9000 kilojoules a day, no more than 90 grams of fat and no more than 1500mg of sodium. There have been suggested revisions to Australian nutritional goals since then and the exact figures will vary depending on your size, but not many people should need to eat more than that (I’m 180cm tall).

If you assume that one meal should contribute, at most, one-third of your daily energy intake (which presumes no snacks), then the relevant target figures for the meal should be 3000 kilojoules, 30 grams of fat and 500mg of salt. We can work out how many people could healthily share a Streetwise Feast by dividing the box totals by these numbers.

On that basis, the feast covers the energy requirements for 4.3 people. If we allow that most people do in fact eat snacks, five is a more sensible figure. The numbers for fat are a little higher (5.7 people), and the numbers for sodium are unpleasantly insane (11.32 — and remember, we didn’t count the sauces). So on the most generous interpretation possible, five people should be sharing a Streetwise Feast. At $4 a head, it would be a cheap way to get lunch, but you wouldn’t want to make a daily habit of it given the sodium levels.

Sadly, despite the sharing rhetoric, I suspect this box will often end up shared between just two or three people, which is not going to do your waistline any favours.


  • Years ago, and I do mean years, the Colonel’s chicken was actually crispy and I could munch on it for days. Now the very thought of the oil dripping off of it turns my stomach. Every couple of years I try a breast or two, but there is simply no improvement. I just don’t understand how they get away with making it look so crispylicious in the ad’s and yet be so sickeningly oily in actuality?

    • You must go to the wrong places.
      All the KFCs near me are quite crispy (as long as you got for the spicy meat not the regular ones).
      The wicked wings in particular go quite well.

      • More likely you’re standards are really low. I’m a big fan O’ the takeaway, practically worshipped it awhile ago. Snapped out of that though, but the KFC, man that stuff looks nothing like it does in the adverts. It used to be nice, but now it’s just oily crap. Sorry dude, maybe you have a good outlet where you live!

    • I worked there for 8 years – a LOT has to do with the cooks. If you had a good cook on shift (luckily at my store, we seemed to have a lot of good ones, and not too many new/bad ones) the chicken would be really good.

  • … I’m kind of confused about how this is life hackerish? KFC is cheap but bad for you, and suggested serving sizes on junk food are unlikely to be observed by real people? Not sure what part of this is new information to anyone, or at all life hack related?

    • My Theory: There are a limited number of places Angus can post things and get a readership, so a decent amount of stuff ends up on lifehacker AU that is just interesting to him, rather than being anything the reader can apply in their life.
      Recent examples:
      -Sydney Spammers Busted By ACMA
      -Six Signs You’re An Addicted Frequent Flyer
      -Should Apple Have To Make Ethical Gadgets?
      -Would You Pay $200 For A Hairdryer?

      It’s not necessarily a bad thing, there’s some good stuff posted that way – but at some point you have to come to terms that the AU lifehacker stuff isn’t all lifehacks. Otherwise it’ll just annoy you.

  • There’s no way that can feed 4 hungry adults, Hell I eat a 5 pack of chicken myself but stay away from the chips.It divades nicely by 3, 2 pieces of chicken,1 crispy stip a couple of nuggets and ahandfull of chips each.The problem is that not all pieces of KFC are created equal and those strips ain’t what they used to be.

  • Interesting what Malcolm Turnbull had to say when he appeared on a press conference about the NBN yesterday. Questions turned to his looking very slim and svelte, and he gave one quote: “Don’t be greedy.”

  • I was just looking at this the other day thinking – that’s a pretty damn cheap deal! Secret would have to be as you said, sharing the meal with a few others and not buy the overpriced sides.

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