'Job Quitters Are The Happiest People Around'

Last Friday, The Awl's Choire Sicha keyed a post of career advice for young people, but whether you're young or not, the post's full of relatable, head-nod moments. For starters, Sicha's take on quitting rings true.

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Yes, you should not worry too much about the consequences and you should definitely quit your job that you hate and it'll probably all work out great. Job quitters are the happiest people around.

Chronic quitters may be a different story, but if you care enough that quitting is hard for you, then you probably don't need to worry about it. The meat of Sicha's post, however, is devoted to workplace "divas, drama queens, vampires, bitter underminers and soulless careerists" who can undermine just about anyone who pays them too much attention. Regarding the soulless careerists as the most harmful, Sicha puts the responsibility of stopping them on your shoulders:

The soulless careerists, though: they get where they are because social training doesn't allow us to stop them. They depend upon our unwillingness to say "bad things" about people. But if you don't, who will?

It is incumbent upon you to put a f**king boot in the face of the soulless careerist.

It's a great post, so head over to The Awl for the full read. If you're experienced at dealing with toxic peers, share your antidotes in the comments.

Some Advice for Young People [The Awl via @ginatrapani]


    Job quitter are the happiest people around? Really? Maybe for that day, but after that... not so sure.
    I know if I quit my job, I would become the most welfare-dependent around pretty quickly.

    You just end up starting a new job at a place you'll learn to hate also. It isn't the place we work that we hate, it is the job.

      Sometimes it's the job, but it's usually the other assholes who work there that I hate.

    Um, I think the writer of the original article was being sarcastic, and you're quoting as if they are being serious. WTF?

    ? To quote John McEnroe, "are you serious?" need to put a bit more thought into keeping your quality up, sometimes less is more...

    I quit my job recently without even farting around and then walked into a new job the next day.. Im over the moon, i got a work vehicle, better wage and benefits.

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