JB Hi-Fi Mobile Music Apps Due Within A Month

JB Hi-Fi Mobile Music Apps Due Within A Month

JB Hi-Fi’s Now music streaming service has been available since last year, but without being available on a mobile device its appeal is limited. In its results announcement, JB Hi-Fi said the mobile apps for the service will be rolling out within “the next four weeks”.

The mobile option is expected to increase the per-month price for the service by about $3. Mobile apps were always planned for early 2012, so it’s good to see JB Hi-Fi meeting its timetable (not always a common outcome with music services).


  • I don’t like the idea of having to pay more just to have mobile access. Mobile access should have been available from the start as that is where a lot of the appeal is for on demand, and Microsoft’s Zune music is all one low price available on PC, Windows Phone 7 and xbox 360 (with xbox gold subscription).

    There needs to be much more competition for this to be compelling.

  • Given it’s 80 bucks a year, adding 36 is a nearly 50% premium. Don’t really see where that’s going to go, unless they have un-metered data deals with basically everyone.

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