Improve Your Writing By Avoiding These 20 Common Grammar Mistakes

Improve Your Writing By Avoiding These 20 Common Grammar Mistakes

When should you use “who” or “whom”? “Which” or “that”? You don’t need to be a grammar geek or a professional writer to want to know. This list of common grammar mistakes can help you strengthen your writing for work and in your personal correspondence.

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Jon Gingerich compiled this list of grammar villains on Lit Reactor. You’re probably familiar with many of them already, such as the difference between using “fewer” (for things you can count or quantify) or “less” (hypothetical quantities). Grammar sticklers will be happy if people read this and stop saying “impactful” (because it’s not a word) and confusing irony with coincidence.

While no one’s advocating you become a grammar nazi, the shortlist is a great review if you want to tighten up your writing, as most of us, myself and Gingerich included, are guilty of having made these mistakes numerous times.

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes [Lit Reactor]


  • In general I do get the words meaning mostly correct, but I’m mostly book ejemacated not schooled, so I say thank god for spell check, except for the yank one, which is abominabable… abdomin…. abominable 🙂

  • A friend recently left the country for a few months, and had their mail redirected to my place. As a result, I’ve become a defacto subscriber to ‘Picture’ and ‘Picture Premium’ magazine.

    I can’t help but wonder if they have an editorial committee on use of language, like ABC’s SCOSE. I’d love to see their guidelines on the correct use of slang terms for genitalia, and the preferential directions for how many times to use ‘Shmoo’ and ‘Tockley’ per paragraph.

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