Hungry Jack's Summer Value Meal: Approach With Caution

At $3.95, the "Summer Value" meal from Hungry Jack's is one of the cheaper burger meal deals we've seen. However, you'll need to approach with caution and edit your selections if you don't want to risk fattening up.

The Summer Value Meal, which the chain is heavily promoting right now, includes a Whopper Jnr burger, a small fries, and a small frozen Coke for $3.95. Given that you can easily pay that sum for a bottle of soft drink alone, it seems like an appealing offer.

The challenge, as is usually the case with takeaway burgers, is a dietary one. The basis we usually use for nutritional discussion around here is that a single lunch should contribute no more than 3000 kilojoules to your daily energy intake, and should contain no more than 30g of fat and 500mg of sodium. (Those figures vary slightly depending on your height and gender, but they serve as a reasonable basis for analysis.)

Taken in its standard form, the Summer Value meal blows out all three counts. The Whopper Jnr contains 1499 kilojoules, 76.9 grams of fat and 2181mg of sodium, so it beats the fat and salt totals even before anything else appears. Small fries add another 999Kj, and a small frozen Coke brings 1036Kj to the table. So even this meal — using one of the smallest burgers in the Hungry Jack's range — would contribute 3534 kiojoules to your daily energy intake.

The obvious way to edit down the meal (and one we've often advocated before) is to ditch the drink. When I partook of a test Summer Value meal today, I didn't even have to ask if I could substitute something else for the Frozen Coke; the first question out of my server's mouth after I ordered was "What drink would you like?" Switching to Diet Coke dropped the kilojoule count back to a rather more acceptable 2500Kj.

Of course, I'm still soaking up a lot of fat and sodium with that meal, so it's not something to do every day. But if you do want to test out the budget option, change your drink to minimise any potential calorific damage.


    Here's a tip for you…if you don't "want to risk fattening up" as this article suggests, don't even bother eating Hungry Jacks.

      Or there's this thing called excercising. What a stupid article, breaking news takeaway food is unhealthy, dur.

    When I go out after work I've made a habit (probably bad) of grabbing three Cheeseburgers from Maccas, since they've been doing their $1 cheeseburger promo. $3, 3 burgers. I have water with me, and that's pretty much all I eat 'til I get home and grab an apple. Of course I have a few drinks while I'm out also...

    skip this nonsense. having a caloric overdose is ok if you are maxing it out at a high end restaurant - this is a waste of time. grab a salad and be less gross and fat.

      >less gross and fat

      Oh, charming. Really nice.

    There is clearly an error in their nutritional PDF for the amount of fat that purger has.

    Shows the Whopper Junior having 76.9g of fat (The same as the Ultimate Double Whopper above it), and the Whopper Junior with Cheese only having 22.9g of fat.

    I'm not saying its healthy, but surely some alarm bells should have triggered thinking that burger would be 77g of fat.

      ^ This, a whopper jr. wouldn't weigh much more than 76 grams, let alone have 76 grams of fat. Can you put up a correction or the right figure?

    The fat and sodium isn't the enemy here, fat doesn't make you fat. Carbohydrates and sugar (esp. high fructose corn syrup in the drink) do - and this meal is a carbohydrate overload as is nearly anything on the menu at HJ's, KFC, McDonalds etc.

    You didn't even mention the carb count on this meal..

      Quick point: sodium's an issue wherever you stand on carbs. And keeping to a sensible KJ total is still important, which is the main theme here.

      Except we don't use HFCS in Australia.
      We grow enough suger in australia, they can use the real thing, which is healthier than HFCS.

        Unless you drink that overly sweet Aloe Vera juice thing...HFCS in that stuff

    The whole stat line in the nutritional guide is duplicated for the Junior Whopper with the exception of kilojoules.

    So its actually much less than stated - not a daily option of course, but not the extreme as noted in the article.

    And this is why people have eating disorders.

    Because of ridiculous fat shaming articles like this.

    Grow up and post something of value.

      yeah lets all eat crap and not look after ourselves and die fat and disgusting and in hospitals from diabetes at the age of 20 with poor joints cause we weigh too much........yeah good idea!

      Let's start smoking as well and have an article on Lifehacker saying how smoking benefits society!

        As a smoker, I object to all the obese people clogging up the health system that I paid for through the excise on cigarettes.

    Started feeling bad because I just had one yesterday. But then I thought, screw this, I've got a few more years left before my metabolism starts slowing down!

    Instead of ditching the drink, consider growing accustom to the taste of soda water and fill up with the free refills.

      coke zero or diet if you really need a soft drink and don't like soda water

    It's probably worth comparing the 2 for 2 lunchtime deal Subways have running at the moment.

    i think lifehacker should take a stand and write more about healthy natural food. Fast food is so bad for you, why would a site that is all about making your life better and more productive want to promote fast food (low cal or otherwise)?

    How come no correction since "Chris" comment on FEBRUARY 20, 2012 AT 2:15 PM"?
    Very misleading article. Why not ask Hungry Jacks to confirm if there is a mistake in their nutritional table?

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