How To Remove Your Google Web History

Google recently announced it was unifying its privacy policies, and would be sharing the data it collects about users between all of its products, starting March 1. That means your web searches and sites you visit will be combined with other Google products like Google+ and YouTube. If you'd rather avoid that, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reminds us you can remove your Google search history and stop it from being recorded.

Turning off search history is one of the top Google settings you may already know about anyway if you didn't want Google recording any sensitive searches (health, location, interests, religion and so on), but with Google becoming more like AOL these days, now's as good a time as any to check if you've got your web history paused or not.

Go to Click "remove all Web History" and "OK". Doing so will pause the recording of your searches going forward until you enable it again.

How to Remove Your Google Search History Before Google's New Privacy Policy Takes Effect [Electronic Frontier Foundation]


    "Go to Click “remove all Web History” and “OK”. Doing so will pause the recording of your searches going forward until you enable it again"

    Clicking that link just takes me to the main google page (and yes, I'm logged in to my account).

    Link took me to the Google front page also. Try signing in and going to
    All your unified Google settings should be there, including search history settings about half way down.

    Hi - I just enter and it seems to work, i think it adds the secure layer https when you are logged/logging in.

    Also I need to press delete web history twice for it to delete web traces. cheers

    I guess I must be one of the few who *likes* Google Web History. It's convenient for trying to find a web site again a year or so after you originally found it. I just go incognito if I want to search anything particularly sensitive.

    If you look at their help here :

    It tells you how to remove your search history but the bottom line states: "However, as is common practice in the industry, and as outlined in the Google Privacy Policy, Google maintains a separate logs system for auditing purposes and to help us improve the quality of our services for users."

    Sounds like they're going to record your history no matter what you do.

      Yes - it sound like they do.

      Also from google;
      "Why are search engine logs kept before being anonymized?

      We strike a reasonable balance between the competing pressures we face, such as the privacy of our users, the security of our systems and the need for innovation. We believe anonymizing IP addresses after 9 months and cookies in our search engine logs after 18 months strikes the right balance."
      end quote sourced from -

      There are a few unknowns for me: 1. Will this policy change soon ? 2. If any other company shares/buys this web browser info collected by google.

      I guess I vainly cling to a diminishing hope of internet privacy, a hope perhaps already long gone :)

    What about not logging in to Google in the first place??

    Oxymoron - Internet Privacy.... Most kids think its OK one they empty their browser history once finished will keep it private.

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