Hacked Xbox Live Account? That’s A Big Problem

Hacked Xbox Live Account? That’s A Big Problem

What happens if your Xbox Live account gets hacked? Tracey over at Kotaku has investigated and found that Microsoft’s processes can sometimes take months to resolve the issue if it gets resolved at all, despite recent changes meant to speed up the restoration of hacked accounts. A good read (and a precautionary tale about online services which have access to your credit card details). [Kotaku]


  • It took MS 103 days to return the money stolen from my linked credit card and to unlock my XBL account. I’ve switched to PayPal: Any future problems, I’ll get a quick refund that way. But I sure as hell won’t be upgrading to Windows 8 with its reliance on Live accounts and a MS store.
    In the months between the hacking and resolution, MS spent their time ‘blaming the victims’, when the hacking was in face perpetrated through their own phone help desk, and enabled by MS’s allowance of point transfer between family accounts. I would never have put my card on there if I knew such a scam was possible.

  • Be very careful entering your credit card in XBox live — very leaky security!!! And Microsoft customer service is terrible. Don’t even bother calling them. Go directly to your bank and report the hack or fraud.

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