Google+ Adds Instant Photo Upload To iOS

Google+ Adds Instant Photo Upload To iOS

The Google+ app for iOS has added a new Instant Upload feature, which automatically uploads any new photos you take on your phone to Google+.

Android users will be quite familiar with this feature, having had it since Google+ first came out. It doesn’t work the exact same on iOS as it does on Android, however, due to iOS’ limitations: you actually have to open up the Google+ app for photos to upload (and keep it open while they upload). It’s not all that different from previously mentioned CameraSync, though it uploads your photos to Google+ (and thus Picasa Web Albums) instead of Dropbox. So, if you’re a Picasa user, this is a pretty welcome update. You can choose to upload photos and videos over 3G or Wi-Fi only.

The update also includes the What’s Hot stream, as well as the ability to shake the phone to give Google+ feedback. Hit the link to read more.

New Google+ iOS app, now with Instant Upload! [+Anton Lopyrev]


  • I’ve always thought that this was the system that would be more practical for everyone. In other words, why have storage on your camera, video camera, smartphone when all the content could be sent straight to a database. This means you can just shoot, shoot, shoot without ever worrying you are gonna run out of space. Ok the idea is out there, steal it and make it work.
    Yes, yes I know we are still a bit off with the tech, but not that far off.

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