From The Tips Box: Cable Ties As Collar Stays, Repurposed Video Cables

From The Tips Box: Cable Ties As Collar Stays, Repurposed Video Cables

Readers offer their best tips for looking sharp on your next date, repurposing some old video cables, and yet another use for Google+.

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Use Nylon Cable Ties as Impromptu Collar Stays

Photo by Emilian Robert Vicol.

Reader Matt wrote in with a tip if you have to wear a dress shirt but forgot the collar stays or you’re just the type to have more cable ties lying around your home than collar stays in the first place:

This really isn’t anything groundbreaking but I figured it out while getting ready for a date the other night. I had a nice shirt that I was going to wear but the collar was all frumpy looking and I was in dire need of some collar stays to help me out. After looking around I found some nylon cable ties. I took one and folded it in half and WA-LA instant collar stay!

Worked great for something needed in a quick pinch! I had been thinking about ordering some nice metal ones, but those things worked just as well!

Repurpose an RCA Cable for Component Video

Cyberguy91 shares a handy way to repurpose white-red-yellow RCA cables for component video if you need it and don’t have a component cable handy — just grab a marker:

This may be a bit of a niche tip, but useful nonetheless. If you don’t have a component video cable handy, you can improvise with an RCA y/w/r cable. To make matching easier, you can colour a band of green on the yellow plug, blue on the white plug, and leave the red plug red, using a Sharpie. That way, you can easily remember which colour is which on both ends of the cable, as well as still being able to use the cable for composite video and L/R audio.

Build Your Own Read It Later with Google+

mg2 has a handy use for Google+ even if your friends aren’t on it:

Not sure what to use Google+ for?

So if none of your friends is using google+ and you are not sure if you want to use it either here is an interesting use for it: as a read it later client.

  • create an empty circle
  • everytime you stumble upon anything using your phone or computer which you want to read later just share it with the empty circle
  • later when you read it you can delete the post or +1 it to mark it as read

It works great for android if i’m somewhere else and want to try something later on my laptop – i just share it with the empty circle and later do it on my laptop.

Even if your friends are using Google+, if you’ve been looking for a great way to organise the articles and stories — especially from Google Reader — that you’d like to read, this is a pretty good (albeit unintended) option.


  • Why is use composite cables as component a tip? I always do this as they are exactly the same. How hard is it to just remember which colour is which, it is not like you are always going to be changing it and then the cable permanently becomes a component cable. Not to mention too much effort haha.

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