5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Probably Forget

Whether you're renting or you own a home, it's easy to let repeated tasks of home maintenance slip your mind. Over on Apartment Therapy they've outlined the five repeating home maintenance tasks most people forget and a simple way to remind yourself to do them.

Photos by John Bracken, R/DV/RS, Richard Smith, Amy West, and Bruno Longo.

The tasks you're probably forgetting are:

  1. Flip the mattress (every three months).
  2. Replace batteries in your smoke alarm (every three months).
  3. Change your water filter (every two to six months).
  4. Change your air filter (every two to six months).
  5. Clean your fridge coils (once a year).

These tasks are difficult to remember because they're so infrequent, but keeping up on the maintenance will not only extend the life of your appliances, but it will also help them run more efficiently. To remind yourself to do them, Apartment Therapy recommends setting up an email reminder, which we covered a few ways to set up in the past, or by making a note on the calendar of your choice.

Set Regular Email Reminders for These 5 Home Maintenance Tasks [Apartment Therapy]


    Smoke alarm battery every 3 months ??

    Last i heard it was once a year, you shouldn't HAVE to replace them until it starts beeping but changing the battery on daylight savings day makes sense (as the old ad went "Change your clock, change your smoke detector battery." So every 3 months will be wasting 4x as many batteries.

      Possibly not an Australian article?

        Yeah, way too many LHA posts are just LH ones that are just dumped here with no thought to whether they make sense for here or not.

        But every three months? Is this post sponsored by Eveready?

        last time I checked or saw the commercial (sponsored by Duracell) it was every 6 months

        But a long time ago it was yearly....

        However it may be worth at least testing your smoke alarms every 2 months and replace battery every 6...just a thought

      I Install and service Smoke alarms for a living, 1 battery a year is more than enough. Or just wait till it starts beeping.

        Also I should mention that Smoke alarms Expire after 10 years. So be sure to check the date and replace them if needed.

          i was actually not aware of this.. great to know!

          for the sceptics here iss some more info on maintenance:

    No. 1. ...unless you have a new fangled mattress that is one-sided. Job done!

      Replace flip with rotate :)

        sleep on the side for 3 months.

          But the side of the mattress is only 35 CM wide and would make it impossible to get between the mattress and the ceiling.

    I haven't had a fridge with visible coils for 15 years.

      They are beneath the kick board thing at the base of the fridge, not at the back any more.

    no.4 refers to the intake air filter in the wall or ceiling for your air-con? right?

    apart from that, who has air filters????

    I know cars do...but?

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