Firefox 10 Updates With Better Extension Management, UI Tweaks

Firefox 10 Updates With Better Extension Management, UI Tweaks

Windows/Mac/Linux: Mozilla took the wraps off Firefox 10 today, and despite it being a nice round version number, this version of Firefox is in line with Mozilla’s new Chrome-style rapid release schedule. The new version now automatically hides the “Forward” button until you browse back on a page and have a use for it to keep the UI trim, supports full-screen APIs for web apps and utilities that can use the entire display, and improves the way you manage installed browser extensions.

Aside from this, the bulk of the update are bugfixes, speed improvements and under the hood tweaks. Firefox 10 also marks the introduction of an enterprise-friendly “Extended Support Release”, which will see only security improvements and bug fixes until the updates in the consumer version are large enough to warrant a large-scale update to the business version. Mozilla has this on a “one business update per seven consumer update” cycle, so if Firefox is updating too quickly for your liking, the enterprise version may be for you.

You can snag the new version of Firefox now at the link below, or use the browser’s in-app updater to download it.

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    • Chrome is crashing like nobodies business also. Actually, Firefox is handling Flash better than Chrome in my opinion. The only reason I’m using FF at this moment is because of the constant crashes on Chrome. With Firefox I keep getting an error that a script is causing it to run slow and an option to close the script. I can live with that.

  • I hope firefox has really tightened up and is running a little faster and more stable. I hate the lack of flexibility of Chrome, but it’s so much slicker.

    Actually, if chrome would just put a search bar in the top right, i might leave firefox for good. But i’d feed guilty

      • you can search in the ff url bar just like in chrome. the side search bar is just there for more options and you can remove it if you like.

        if you love search features try these in ff:

        1) options -> advanced -> general: check “search for text when i start typing”
        — now whenever you begin typing on a page you do a quick search for the term, cant live without this and it allows you to navigate pages superfast

        2) go to any search bar on any site (amazon, google maps, scroogle, ect…), right click in it and select “add a keyword to this search”, choose a keyboard abbreviation for each search (a, map, scro, ect…)
        –now whenever you type in the url bar, begin your typing with whichever keyword it will search that particular search engine for you

        so if my keyword for amazon was “a” and i wanted to search amazon for “harry potter”, i would just type “a harry potter” in the url bar and press enter

        such a time saver

  • With the Adobe Flash problem, I found that mine began behaving itself after I removed a couple of old copies of Flash that’d come in the CS3 Suite…

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