Doctor Who The Top Show For Aussies On iPlayer

Doctor Who The Top Show For Aussies On iPlayer

We are in no way surprised: the most popular program amongst Aussie users of the BBC’s iPad/iPhone iPlayer app is Doctor Who. More surprising? Australia is the biggest global market for the app, which is now available in 16 countries.

Since its launch last September on iPad and subsequently on iPhone, Australia has accounted for 23 per cent of subscribers, general manager for BBC Worldwide Matthew Littleford told the Australian Broadcasting Summit. One-fifth of us are using offline viewing. Still no sign of that Android version yet.


    • +1 to that. The only commercial channel I go near is Go. The utter garbage that 7, 9 and 10 show, combined with their reluctance to adhere to the schedule, not to mention the awful, shouty ads that are obtrusively louder than the program you’re watching.

  • I would have said it was because the BBC is possibly the best production house in the world with massive amounts of awesome content and that in Aus, we don’t have BBC, we have BBC rebroadcast sometimes by ABC.

  • I’ve tried the BBC app and I’m not sold on the content they’ve put on there. Where is University Challenge or the many other shows that they show? Where are the British local news bulletins? They seem to have forgotten that a chunk of their market are British expats who want to keep in touch wit’mother country.
    I’m hoping that Channel 4 follow the BBC’s lead as their content is far more aligned with my tastes. Google 4od to see what they offer. If that were available as an app on my (yet to be purchased) Smart TV for $10 a month, I’d subscribe in a heartbeat.

    • Would that Australian content producers (TV or music) made digital download content that was available internationally for its expats (or conceivably just other people).

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