Do You Care If Your Telco Is On Facebook?

Do You Care If Your Telco Is On Facebook?

Telstra has just started offering customer support via Facebook, but it turns out to be a relative minnow in the social networking space. According to an analysis by Online Circle, the local telecommunications company with the most Facebook fans is Vodafone.

Mumbrella reports that Online Circle’s study found that as of January, Vodafone’s 130,251 fans was well ahead of second-place Optus with 62,505. Austar and Boost Mobile also claimed more fans than Telstra.

While I’m sure that those numbers will have marketing types stressing, as a customer I honestly couldn’t give a damn if my provider is on Facebook or not. When something goes wrong, I want a rapid answer — most likely on the phone — not another excuse to send me off to an FAQ document which doesn’t solve my problem. But that’s just me. Are you happy to interact with companies through Facebook for services? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.

Snack foods are Australia’s most active brands on Facebook [Mumbrella]


  • I would much rather a better telephone support service rather than having to resort to social networking. Having deleted my Facebook profile (and haven’t looked back – it’s fantastic to be rid of that abomination – and i’ve observed more people starting to get rid of it lately) I’ll be sticking to the telephone support options on the rare occasion where I need them (and *hopefully* speak to a local human being that can resolve my issue straight away).

  • I’m all for it. I had a minor issue with my handset a few weeks ago, and hit up the Vodafone Twitter account. I had a response on Twitter, and a follow up phone call all within 2 hours, and then another email from the support team to make sure everything was working fine. Beats the hell out of sitting on hold.

  • The people that like the Vodafone page are mainly there to show their outrage to the service. As you can see from almost every status that Vodafone posts, there are always people commenting on the poor service.

  • If they are able to sort out my problem through FB then I’m happy to do so. I’ve had a good experience with customer service through Twitter.

    I spent nearly 7 months calling customer support to try and get my issue fixed. I spent weeks waiting for approvals, call backs (which were haphazard), promised resolutions (by numerous people) and months later I found out my issue still wasn’t resolved. I was about to go to the TIO but decided to first try their online support team on Twitter. Their online team had the issue resolved in less than two weeks and a phone call apologising for the matter and an email confirming that it had indeed been fixed. This was with Vodafone.

  • Where the new Telstra Facebook page stands out over Vodafone & Optus is the My Telstra Facebook App ( ). Once you sign up you can view your account balance & billing history for you Telstra products while remaining within the Facebook environment (vs going to the Telstra website). Limited function wise atm but it should develop over time.

    More details at–through-facebook

  • They can offer service wherever they like, but they damn well better not make it the only option, cause some of us don’t use facebook.

    It is an interesting move by them though, given they know FB will mine the shit out of any data there and the links, etc etc
    You wouldn’t think the benefit was worth giving up that much info about their customers and problems to FB

      • Hi – last time I went to check my prepaid account online with telstra it was unavailable at their end, so I have to agree with Hellmouth’s comments.

        I hardly think becoming integrated with facebooK is innovative since just about everyone else (notable companies) have joined to facebook already.

        cheers SF

      • Lol, little bit aggresive there huh Julian.
        Maybe you should back off on the coffee.
        My concerns are valid, and your opinion of it being a *fault* that some people choose not to use facebook is amusing.

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