Do Not Track Plus Stops Ad Companies From Tracking You Online

Do Not Track Plus Stops Ad Companies From Tracking You Online

Chrome/Firefox/Safari/IE: Whenever you visit a website, data about your visit is likely sent to advertisers, social networks and other companies. Free browser add-on Do Not Track Plus not only tells you what data is being collected, it also blocks those attempts to share your information.

Although /”Do Not Track” browser options are available, recently we’ve seen even more need for add-ons like Do Not Track Plus. Google and other advertising companies have apparently been bypassing the privacy settings of Safari users and Internet Explorer users, tracking them when they don’t want to be tracked.

Do Not Track Plus, once installed, tells you when a website tries to send data to other companies and then blocks it. Social media buttons (Facebook like, Google +1, Twitter) still work when you click them, but when you don’t click on them, they’re not tracking you. You can allow Google +1s on a permission basis.

Do Not Track Plus isn’t an ad blocker, so you’ll still see ads. But by installing Do Not Track Plus, you block third-party sites from putting cookies on your machine and seeing that you’ve visited a website. Clicking on the extension shows you more detail about each category of tracking company (there are hundreds) and how Do Not Track handles them.

Do Not Track Plus [Abine via PC World]


  • Putting aside the fact that privacy as a general concept is long dead in today’s modern world… I don’t really care if ad companies track me. If I’m going to see/get/watch ads anyway as part of my media/web consumption… why not at least make them relevant and interesting to Me.

    I use an Ad-Blocker with my browsers, but I always white-list Google ads in search results… those are useful and informative to me, when I’m searching for something. Because Google knows so much about me, and they do SO much work to put the right ads in front of my eyes… any your eyes.. and everyone else.

    Let them track me… I have nothing to hide (online).

    Yes…. I know the old argument… and yes I do have curtains on my windows, and yes I do wear clothes… that’s not the “nothing to hide” I’m talking about here.

  • Downloaded it, turned it on, even this very page has 7 tracking cookies (Twitter, AddThis, Nielsen, Google Analytics, AddThis, Netratings Site Census, Chartbeat).

    • Looks similar to Ghostery but not as powerful as NoScript. I use NoScript, Greasemonkey & Stylish to block & control content as I see fit. I might try DTP for awhile.

      Also, Ghostery seems to track you some, given it’s own by a ad company.

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