DIY Motion-Triggered Illuminated Walkway

We all occasionally need to take a night-time trip to the bathroom, but in a state of grogginess we might have trouble finding our way. To solve this problem Instructables user tamberg created a simple motion-controlled lighting system to guide the way.

Using a couple strips of EL wire, a power supply and a motion sensor, tamberg was able to create a simple walkway that illuminates when you step out of bed. The build is a little on the expensive side at $US90, but the bulk of the cost comes from the motion sensor and the power supply, two items you might have in your house already. The benefit is that you will never get lost on your way to the bathroom again. You can find the full details on how to build this yourself over on Instructables.

Motion Triggered Bed-to-Bathroom Floor Illumination [Instructables]


    For $90 you could do what I do and have a few of these LED sensor lights strategeiacly placed around your home, and in cupboards etc. Don't know how I would get by at night times without them anymore. And the beauty is I can chuck 1-2 in my bag when I travel to and staying in strange rooms, hotels etc... and have an instant, portable, sensor light.

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