Dealhacker: WD-40 On Sale At ALDI

WD-40 might be terrible for your iPhone, but as well as stopping squeaks, it can clean printer cartridges and touch up stainless steel. From tomorrow, ALDI is selling a 300 gram can of WD-40 for $4.99, which is a keen price.

Woolworths charges $6.22 for a 255 gram can, while Coles charges $6.28 and the eBay prices I found were even higher. The weight difference suggests the ALDI product is a grey import, but that shouldn't make any difference with WD-40.



    Awesome! I can use this to unstick the Home button on my iPhone. I remember reading about that somewhere... lol

      This post totally makes it all OK.... unless we find out later that saving $2 also somehow kills your iPhone, then it's twice as bad. Double or nothing?

    Seriously? You're posting less than $2 savings now. You may as well start posting supermarket catalog items

    Inox is a far better spray-lube product compared to WD-40 - it lasts longer, actually lubricates properly, doesn't get tacky.
    Save your $ and buy a proper spray lube instead.

    WD-40 is not a spray lube but a W(ater)D(ispersant)-(formula)40. It is used to start wet engines and such, but can be used as a light penetrating lube (sounds kinky), for real lubrication duties use a lube that is designed for the job, WD-40 will evaporate and leave very little oil,but it has tons of other uses . I user RP-7, to me it seems the same comes in a 500ml can is about $4 from Bunnings.

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