Customise Fast Calculations On Excel's Status Bar

If you use Excel, you've probably noticed that it will automatically provide the average and total at the bottom on the status bar when you select a group of cells. What you may not have realised is that you can customise the calculations which appear in that area.

Blogger and tech expert Helen Bradley reminds us that if you right-click the status bar, you can choose to display the minimum, maximum or numerical count from a series of cells. For me the Sum remains the most useful option, but it's good to know you can add others (or remove all of them if you want a less cluttered screen).

Excel 2010 - quick and easy calculations [Helen Bradley]


    I really MUST move on from XL 2003!

      Why? This is also valid for Excel 2003, albeit with less options in 2K3: Average, Count, Count Numbers, Maximum, Minimum and Sum

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