Cover Fridge Shelves In Plastic For Easy Cleaning

If you happen to be incredibly clumsy and spill food or drinks inside your refrigerator all the time, Reddit user Thinkadinky suggests you line the shelves with plastic wrap for simple, one-step cleaning.

Use a plastic wrap with a sealant on it and lay the wrap across your shelves. If the shelves get coated in food or an exploded drink, you simply remove the wrap. No real cleaning is required. It's probably the most useful for the clumsiest among us who are constantly spilling everything in a fridge, but it might come in handy if you know you're storing something that nearly always causes a mess or leaks. If you have wire shelves, you can use the same idea to create a makeshift shelf and prevent cross contamination of food.

LPT: Cover your refrigerator shelves with Saran's Press and Seal Wrap....then when it gets dirty you just peel it off and apply a new piece! [Reddit]


    This post brought to you by hey, it's easier than cleaning, right?

      Hey its alright, that plastic will break down after a thousand years..

    ....I expect the people that are tacky enough to actually do this are the same ones that leave clear plastic liners on their lounges/couches.

    As other commenters have said in previous iterations of this advice:
    After doing this, you cannot slide things around in your fridge, they just grip and tip over. You also have to pull everything off the shelf to clean it, instead of just wiping up the spill. The inevitable creases in the wrap make wiping up on the wrap difficult or impossible.

    Terrible advice!

    Meanwhile, ... cover your house in plastic for easy cleaning

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