Copy Photo Stream Images To A Folder Automatically

Mac: Apple's Photo Stream service for iCloud is a great way to keep your photos on your iPhone in sync with your computer, but it requires you use the newest version of iPhoto. Macworld forum member DJF3 came up with a script to automate the process and skip over iPhoto.To use this, you'll need to do a little scripting yourself. Open Apple Script Editor (Applications > Utilities) and paste in the following code:

tell application "Finder" set this_folder to (path to application support from user domain as string) & "iLifeAssetManagement:assets" as alias set target_folder to (path to pictures folder from user domain as string) & "MyStream" as alias set target_folder to "Macintosh HD:Users:user:Pictures:MyStream" as alias try duplicate (every file of the entire contents of this_folder whose name contains "IMG") to the target_folder with replacing end try end tell

Click run in Automator and it should copy all your Photo Stream files over to the MyStream folder. It's not a bad replacement if you're looking to skip the iPhoto step to get your photos. Find more information, help and a couple of other ways to do the same thing over at Macworld.

10.7 Auto-copy Photo Stream images to a folder [Mac OS X Hints]


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