Clever Ways To Use Spare Takeaway Chopsticks

If you order takeaway food a lot, chances are you've accumulated a surplus of spare cheap chopsticks. I asked the internet what to do about my chopstick clutter, and learned that there are actually some pretty clever uses for them. Here are the best.

Keep Grease Off Your Fingers When Eating at the Computer

Forks are great, but they're not for everything. For example, they're not so good at stabbing a Cheesel. Your fingers are better for that, and chopsticks are like long, skinny, wooden finger extenders. Using them to eat snacks, or at least easily handle greasy foods while you're going between eating and typing, is a good way to power through your collection.

Use Chopsticks To Clean Your Gadgets

Modern technology is notorious for its hard-to-reach places, making cleaning pretty annoying. One solution is taking a chopstick, tying a napkin (or some kind of cloth) to the end of it and using it as a cleaner. It's a simple solution and you can do it with stuff you've already got lying around.

Pit Cherries

If you don't have the proper tools for pitting cherries, a pair of chopsticks will do the trick. Just push the chopsticks through the top where the stem used to be and the pit will come out of the bottom.

Shawn notes a few options:

  • Use them as a back scratcher.
  • Use them as an alternative to a shoe horn
  • Stir coffee with a single chopstick.
  • Stick them in a hair bun.

Anamari points out that you can use them to stake small plants, especially in the case of tomato plants which can use the help growing upward.

And finally, one not-so-practical use from David:

Make A Five-Round Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Gun

If there's anything I end up with more of than chopsticks when getting takeout it is rubber bands. This gun finds a use for both.


    Back scratcher and coffee stirrer, yes. Not the same chopstick, no.

    Choose to refuse. Simply decline chopsticks when you order takeaway food. Reduce waste by rethinking what you buy and refusing things you don’t need. Show that you value our resources and the environment.

    Use them as chopsticks!

    Pit cherries? If you're just eating them (as opposed to baking with them or similar) then just eat them whole and swallow the pit. It'll pass straight through and you don't have to worry about leaving the pits somewhere that they might leave a stain.

    I like to point with a chopstick, sometimes I point at a wall or the TV, sometimes I point at the sky, or at a tree, or a passing car. As a pointer, a chopstick is extremely versatile, as there are few things which a chopstick cannot be used to point at. Here's a list of things you may find hard to point your chopstick at (I have tried with limited success) give it a try;
    - A dream
    - Economic inflation
    - Time (I tried to point a chopstick at a clock once, it was reasonably good at doing this)
    - A single photon (requires quick hands and great precision)
    - Yesterday
    - 4G network connections
    - A ghost
    - A Tasmanian Tiger
    - Your age
    - Amalgamation
    - The dark side of the moon (not the album)
    - Itself (mirrors don't count, and you can't break the chopstick, this is cheating)

    Give it a go.

      It's hard to point a chopstick at sleep deprivation. But then.... I think your whole post might be pointing at sleep deprivation.
      And of course there is nothing wrong with that! It is better than drugs! It's legal and cheaper. Just be sure to not drive a car, or operate heavy machinery.

    My favourite is the chopstick canoe.

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