Chrome Updates For Faster Browsing, Increased Security

Chrome Updates For Faster Browsing, Increased Security

Google is releasing a major update to Chrome today that will make browsing the web seem faster and also add security protections. Chrome 17 pre-renders pages in the background when you type in the URL in the omnibox address bar, so the site will appear to come up almost instantaneously.Chrome also now scans download executables (e.g., “.exe” and “.msi” files) and warns you if it thinks the file is malicious.

For more information on the new release, you can check out the Google Chrome blog. Otherwise, just update to the latest version from within your Chrome browser and enjoy a speedier web experience.

Stable Channel Update [Google Chrome Releases]


  • Chromes slowly becomingly bloated… Used to run fine with 20 tabs open on a 2.8GHz 1GB computer. Now however it gets incredibly slow after opening 11 Tabs on a quad-core 3.2GHz 8GB machine… Even safari can run 40+ tabs smoothly….. They need to have the things running in the background stop after 5 tabs or so.

  • Hmmmm… see they haven’t resolved the PayPal-Hangs issue either in this version. The only thing I use FF for is PayPal transactions… where Chrome hangs, then crashes and has to be force-quit.

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