Chrome Officially Lets You Open All Email Links In Gmail

If you're sick of hitting an email link only to see your old email client open up on your desktop, Chrome has finally built in Gmail support, so links to email addresses open up right in your Gmail inbox.

To enable the new feature, just head to Gmail in Chrome. Starting today, you should see a popup at the top of the window that asks if you want to allow Gmail to open all email links. Click "Use Gmail", and you should find that any future email links you click — the ones that start with mailto: — should open up in your Gmail inbox instead of a desktop mail client (no browser extensions or manual hacking necessary). If you're a Firefox user, you can enable this feature in Firefox's preferences. Hit the link to read more.

Open Email Links Directoy in Gmail Using Chrome [Official Gmail Blog]


    I'm not sure I understand this. Does it mean I no longer need Affixa to send emails from a website?

      If all you use is GMail with Chrome, then yes it will eliminate the need for Affixa or any other third party app/extension.

      As Dean implied, Affixa is still useful when you want to send an email outside of chrome eg in Explorer right click on a file you want as an attachment, click the "Send to" and then Mail recipient. Similarly you can send a file that you're working on from within Word.

    A long awaited function, but I'm not seeing the option at the top of my Gmail inbox in Chrome. We have it running under our own domain, is it available for anyone else running gmail for their own domain.........

      Yep sure is. We're using Google apps and I had to refresh that tab, but there it was

    How do I get Chrome/Gmail to stop prompting me with this question?

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