Chrome For Android Out On Ice Cream Sandwich

If you have an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), you can now download the beta version of Google's Chrome browser from the Android Market. The mobile version brings many of the things we love about Chrome, like bookmark syncing and Incognito mode, direct to your phone or tablet.

According to the Google Chrome Blog, Chrome for Android is optimised for mobile performance and use. It loads top searches in the background, incorporates gestures to flip between tabs, previews links automatically, and syncs open tabs between your desktop and your mobile device. That last feature might be the greatest timesaver of all.

Again, though, it's currently only available for Ice Cream Sandwich devices. If you've got one of those, pick up the new browser at the market below.

Chrome Beta [Android Market]


    Bloody 1%'ers!

      Problem? No shortage of ICS ports floating around on XDA.

      It's times like this I'm glad I have a Nexus S

        Just so long as you don't want to actually USE your phone for anything like , SMS, Phone calls, Data services, 3d graphics, bluetooth pairing, FM radio, HDMI out, External speakers....... Sure you can run ICS though!

          Erm, yeah that was kind of the case a few months back when the ICS AOSP had just been released - it's very much a different story now.
          Of the things you mentioned, my phone running a custom Android 4.0.3 ROM can do all of what you mentioned - excuding FM Radio and HDMI out; neither of which were included by Samsung on the device.
          Fair point though, this isn't the case for every handset though.

          I'd be willing to be theres a good reason why Google have alienated 99% of their users though. ICS framework is VERY different to Gingerbread and all before it; so I wouldn't mind betting that plays a big part.

        Its times like the time I tweaked stuff so my battery didn't die in 3 hours that I was glad I had a Nexus S with ICS.

        And times like these.

        And these:

    Btw, anyone looking for the APK to sideload onto their phone to avoid the Android Market restrictions:

    ^^ Rock on man! Fooies for life.

    Looks good glad i own a Gnex.

    Don't blame google! I think its good that it only works on ICS there is no point supporting and out-dated OS. And don't blame the Manufactures you buy the phone for what it has not for it could have!

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