Choose The Right Cooking Oil With This Comparison Chart

There are so many cooking oils to choose from. Some are supposedly healthier than others, some are better for cooking at high heat and others better used as dressings. This chart tells you at a glance what you need to know about cooking oils.Developed by nutritionist Andy Bellatti and food writer Andrew Wilder, the Cooking Oil Comparison Chart focuses on two main properties of oils: temperature sensitivity (for whether an oil is best for high heat purposes like stir-fry or for salads) and healthfulness (prioritise oils considered heart-healthy, avoid "bad" saturated fats). You can read about the science behind the chart on Bellatti's blog.

There are some interesting notes and tips about some of the oils in the chart too, such as buying olive oil in tin cans, or buying flax and hemp oil refrigerated.

The Cooking Oil Comparison Chart [Eating Rules]


    Damn, it's missing rice bran oil. Anyone know where that would fall on the chart?

      bugger, that's exactly what i was after too!

      Want something to use for high temperature (baking etc) but olive doesn't do well at hi temps apparently. was hoping rice bran would.

        The benefits of watching Masterchef

          benefits of watching Masterchef?

          Not worth it :P thanks tho

            Why the plural? Were there more than one benefit to come from watching that show?

              There are many benefits, such as good looking young females getting sweaty in the kitchen and me being able to cook steaks better than you :-)

      Rice Bran oil is actually on the chart. It's on the right, just under the horizontal axis, and grouped together with "rice oil" in a grey bubble.

      Are you looking at the full chart or the cropped version in this post?

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