ChargeBar Gives You A Closer Look At Your Android's Current Battery Life

Android: Android's default battery icon is pretty small and doesn't give you a good idea of how much battery you have left. ChargeBar puts a thin line at the top of your menu bar, giving you a much more accurate representation of your battery's charge.

ChargeBar is based off MIUI's lock screen battery indicator, which is a handy way to see your battery's charge at a glance. ChargeBar essentially puts a thin line at the top of your screen (or, if you prefer, below the menu bar or at the bottom of the screen), showing you how much battery you have left. You can change its colour, thickness and animations, as well as hide it in full screen apps. It's completely free and well worth using, if you're sick of trying to judge how full Android's tiny battery icon is.

ChargeBar is a free download for Android only.

ChargeBar [Android Market via Droid Life]


    Thats actually pretty good for a free app. anyone know how to remove the default battery icon from the status bar?

    "...based off MIUI’s lock screen battery indicator"

    I love this feature on MIUI, but it isn't just visible on the lock screen, it appears on every screen if selected.

    I flat out suggest just moving to MIUI. Seriously the fastest, most featured and stable ROM out there. You wont be disappointed.

      better choice than cyanogen in your opinion?

    Nice to see on Android; a similar battery used to be included with a lot of custom Windows Mobile ROM's for the old i-Mate smartphones a few years ago :P

    wow what a rip off.... T.E.A.M Battery Bar has been on the market longer and this looks like a perfect clone of that...

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