Change Windows File Extensions Easily With Quotes

Change Windows File Extensions Easily With Quotes

Windows’ Save As dialog can be a little annoying. If you want to use a certain file extension, you have to pick it from a long list, and sometimes it isn’t even available in that list. Reader Java-Princess shares an awesome shortcut for saving files with whatever extension you want.

Take Notepad as an example:

Do you get annoyed when you want to save something in Windows Notepad with an extension other than .txt (like .sh or .conf) and you have to use up an extra two clicks selecting ‘All files’? Just type in your filename and extension surrounded by quotes e.g. “cart.php” You don’t need to hit the combo box and change it and you won’t get cart.php.txt when you go looking for the file.

I actually never knew you could select “All Files” and type in any extension you want — I always set Explorer to show file extensions and replace it from there. Even if you knew that trick before, this is a faster way to get it done! Thanks Java Princess!


  • I always used the all files trick to save as a diff extension.

    Sometimes i forget to change the ddl to all files, then have to go rename (often do a file save as again, which should take you to the lace you saved it last then rename it from there, since the first thing i do on a new installation of windows is set always show extensions.)

    So this is a great tip if i can coach myself into using it every time.

  • Great tip… It seems like such a small thing, but saving in notepad and not wanting the .txt at the end is extremely annoying. Having to waste the extra clicks to change to “All Files” makes me feel like my life is being literally leached away… I am the king of shortcuts to save reaching for the mouse but this is a new one for me…

  • I think this problem only effects people who have “Hide extensions for known file types” still enabled in their folders preferences. If you disable that, then the name you type in save window does not get the hidden .txt appended to it.

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