Been Fired? Use It At Your Next Interview

Getting fired is never a good feeling, but you have to move on. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, identify the reasons behind your firing, work out how to address them, and highlight that plan at your next job interview.Photo by Nick Johnson.

Before you walk out the door, the Wall Street Journal suggests you talk with your former boss and ask for candid feedback about your performance. This will help you focus on the specifics of why you were let go and improve on them in the future.

You can then use this information in your next job interview. When a potential employer asks why you were let go, mention the shortcomings your boss told you and outline a plan for how you're going to correct your mistakes. It's risky, but if you have to mention the reason you were fired, it's better than making excuses.

Learn From a Pink Slip [Wall Street Journal]


    Them - "Why were you fired?"

    Me - "I was caught doing cocaine off the breasts of an intern in the boardroom."

    Them - "Oh."

    Me -"At 10:15am on a Tuesday."

    Them - "Oh."

    Me - "But I've learnt a lot from this mistake and have come up with a plan on how to avoid this situation arising again."

    "Oh.... Umm that's for your time today. We'll call you if anything comes up."


      You intend to do your coke off hookers in your own time in future?

        My plan was more focused on not getting caught.

      To salvage the situation, you must mention the boss the following.

      "I still have her number if you'd like"

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