Apple Explains How To Build Your First iOS App

Apple Explains How To Build Your First iOS App

If you’ve ever wanted to create an app for the iPhone or iPad but didn’t know where to start, this new, basic guide from Apple might help. It’s a a step-by-step overview and introduction to the tools you need and how to submit an app to the App Store.

The guide promises to teach you to create a simple iOS app and learn the basics of Objective-C, the programming language for iOS apps. Note that to actually get an app published in the App store, you’ll need to obtain an official developer account, which costs $119 a year.

While the simple guide isn’t as thorough as a full-fledged class in iOS programming, and you’ll still need to put in some work and read the detailed resources Apple has linked in each of the sections, it’s an easy-toread- starting point and free.

Start Developing iOS Apps Today [Apple via Cult of Mac]


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