Adobe To Reduce Price Gap For Australian Users

Adobe To Reduce Price Gap For Australian Users

On Adobe’s US site, a full copy of Photoshop CS5 Extended costs $US699. On its Australian site, the same software costs $1519. That massive gap (evident in virtually everything the company sells) has long been a source of complaint for Aussie buyers, but Adobe says an update to its pricing structures before the middle of the year will reduce the gap.

I spoke with Michael Stodart, Adobe’s APAC product marketing manager, yesterday and he said that the planned release of Creative Suite 6 later this year will also see an adjustment where Australian pricing will be aligned more closely to the US. Stodart didn’t give an exact date or indicative pricing for standalone products, but noted that Adobe’s forthcoming Creative Cloud subscription service — which includes software access and publishing services — would cost $63 a month in Australia, compared to $US50 a month in the US. That’s still not a direct dollar-for-dollar translation, but it is a less extreme exaggeration than currently seen (especially when allowing for differences in US taxes and currency conversion fees).

Stodart also pointed out that because Adobe doesn’t want to undercut physical resellers, buying via its site is often actually the most expensive way to access software. If you’re not hanging out for a physical copy, online shopping might actually produce a slightly cheaper result.

There are solid free alternatives such as GIMP, but Adobe’s products remain popular, especially amongst creative professionals. For people who have to pay for them, not being slugged quite so heavily for having an Australian address will be a welcome development. Creative Cloud is due for release in the first half of 2012.


  • First, you really can’t compare Gimp to Photoshop. Not unless you copy of Photoshop is around five to ten years old!
    What would really be nice is if you could hire it for short periods of time. I don’t use it every day, hell I’m lucky if I use it once a week. So if I could pay say ten bucks an hour to use it, that would be fine for me and I could claim it on tax too!

  • It has forever annoyed the hell out of me that the academic versions of Photoshop and Illustrator are SO much more price-friendly, yet most students would use them for the same silly personal projects as me and nothing else.

    I have been using GIMP for small home projects for a while, but I’ve also had access to Photoshop at work, and would happily part with my cash for a reasonably-priced copy of my own. A price drop to academic edition levels probably isn’t going to happen, but it’s hard to believe you’re getting value for money when Adobe is happy to sell it to others at a massive discount.

  • I have simply refused to be extorted by Adobe over the years. I purchase boxed versions of Adobe software, delivered from USA via services like PriceUSA. And have saved MANY hundreds of $$$ over the years, probably thousands.

  • eBay it, master collection for $2000 or less and then you have everything :).
    Lots of sellers there offering awesome prices.
    Just beware of fakes and illegals.

  • I’ll tell you this much, if they brought the price down so that honest people could afford it, they would sell a hell of a lot more and honest people would stay honest!

  • I complained to Adobe about this only a month ago. Master Collection CS5.5 was AUD$3400 / USD$1600 (or so, according to my vague memory). They gave me the same line, and basically said take it or leave it. I had already downloaded and installed the trial, so instead of getting USD$1600 in revenue, for almost zero incremental cost of goods, they now get zero. Great business model morons. Now where’s Corel’s website…

  • So they’re still going to gouge… but just not quite as much?

    This is why so many people come down on the “i’ll just pirate that shit” side of the moral argument.

  • Thats the reason i never pay for adobe software, they are total ripoff merchants and until they decide to be honest to the aussie i will refuse to be honest to them. I got the whole master collection for the timely price of $0
    I dont mind paying for software but when you are being blatantly bent over i refuse to take it.

  • Well, it’s the best part of a year later and Adobe still haven’t made good on this promise.

    The CS6 Creative Cloud pricing is still massively out of whack when comparing US and AU prices.

    $50 per month US, $63 per month AUD. What a rip off.

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